Steven E. Shladover

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Merge junctions and intersections are the principal capacity limiters and sources of delay in automated guideway transit (AGT) networks. The capacity and delay performance of the merge junctions must be thoroughly understood before an AGT network can be designed. This paper describes the modeling and event-structured Monte Carlo simulation of a single merge(More)
—Vehicle automation has been one of the fundamental applications within the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) since the start of ITS research in the mid-1980s. For most of this time, it has been generally viewed as a futuristic concept that is not close to being ready for deployment. However, recent development of " self-driving " cars and(More)
Variable Speed Limits (VSL) and Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM) are the main control strategies for freeway traffic. Model-based control design for CRM requires density (or flow) dynamics with the onramp inflow rate as the control variable; and the VSL design requires speed dynamics with the desired speed as the control variable. The METANET model provides(More)