Steven E. Shladover

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The concept of cooperative collision warning (CCW) systems is introduced and explained, followed by presentation of experimental results showing the performance of a first prototype CCW system. The CCW concept provides warnings or situation awareness displays to drivers based on information about the motions of neighboring vehicles obtained by wireless(More)
Intelligent vehicle cooperation based on reliable communication systems contributes not only to reducing traffic accidents but also to improving traffic flow. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems can gain enhanced performance by adding vehicle-vehicle wireless communication to provide additional information to augment range sensor data, leading to(More)
The California PATH Program was founded in 1986, as the first research program in North America focused on the subject now known as intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This paper reviews the history of the founding of PATH and of the national ITS program in the U.S., providing perspective on the changes that have occurred during the past twenty years
Chalmers Publication Library (CPL) offers the possibility of retrieving research publications produced at Chalmers University of Technology. It covers all types of publications: articles, dissertations, licentiate theses, masters theses, conference papers, reports etc. Since 2006 it is the official tool for Chalmers official publication statistics. To(More)
Vehicle automation has been one of the fundamental applications within the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) since the start of ITS research in the mid-1980s. For most of this time, it has been generally viewed as a futuristic concept that is not close to being ready for deployment. However, recent development of “self-driving”(More)
The recent DARPA-sponsored automated vehicle "Challenges" have generated strong interest in both the research community and the general public, raising consciousness about the possibilities for vehicle automation. Driverless vehicles make good subjects for the visually-oriented media, and they pose enough interesting research challenges to occupy(More)
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) hold great promise for public works professionals seeking to optimize those public investment strategies that deal with traffic congestion and other growth pressures. Advanced traffic and fleet management systems as well as traveler information and vehicle-based systems can take advantage of information technology(More)