Steven E. Meredith

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INTRODUCTION Mobile phones hold considerable promise for delivering evidence-based smoking cessation interventions that require frequent and objective assessment of smoking status via breath carbon monoxide (Breath CO) measurement. However, there are currently no commercially available mobile-phone-based Breath CO meters. We developed a mobile-phone-based(More)
Background: Energy drink use is associated with increased risk behavior among adolescents and college students. This study examined this relationship in a nationwide sample of young adults and also examined relations between energy drink use and delay discounting. Methods: Participants were 874 U.S. adults 18-28 years of age with past 30-day consumption of(More)
Eight smokers were randomly assigned to a deposit contract ($50.00) or to a no-deposit group. Using a reversal design, participants could recoup their deposit (deposit group) or earn vouchers (no-deposit group) for smoking reductions and abstinence (breath carbon monoxide [CO] < or =4 parts per million) during treatment phases. Treatment was delivered via a(More)
BACKGROUND In contingency management (CM) interventions, monetary consequences are contingent on evidence of drug abstinence. Typically, these consequences are contingent on individual performance. Consequences contingent on group performance may promote social support (e.g., praise). METHODS Thus, to combine social support with the monetary incentives of(More)
In contingency management (CM), monetary incentives are contingent on evidence of drug abstinence. Typically, incentives (e.g., "vouchers" exchangeable for goods or services) are contingent on individual performance. We programmed vouchers contingent on group performance to investigate whether these contingencies would promote brief abstinence from(More)
Hazardous drinking and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are substantial contributors to USA and global morbidity and mortality. Patient self-management and continuing care are needed to combat these public health threats. However, services are rarely provided to patients outside of clinic settings or following brief intervention. Smartphone applications ("apps")(More)
This thesis covers the design, fabrication, modeling and characterization of electrostatically actuated silicon membranes, with applications to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). A microfabrication process was designed to realize thin membranes etched into a silicon wafer using a wet anisotropic etching process. These flexible membranes were bonded to a(More)
Behavior plays an important role in health promotion. Exercise, smoking cessation, medication adherence, and other healthy behavior can help prevent, or even treat, some diseases. Consequently, interventions that promote healthy behavior have become increasingly common in health care settings. Many of these interventions award incentives contingent upon(More)
We report our experimental results for linear analog optical links that use phase or frequency modulation and optical discrimination. The discriminators are based on two architectures: a cascaded MZI FIR lattice filter and a ring assisted MZI (RAMZI) IIR filter. For both types of discriminators, we demonstrate > 6 dB improvement in the link's third-order(More)
People who inject drugs (PWID) are at increased risk of HIV infection. Although methadone maintenance therapy can help lower this risk, many methadone patients continue to engage in HIV risk behaviors, especially patients who use cocaine and alcohol. The purpose of the current study was to investigate relations between alcohol use disorders and HIV risk(More)