Steven E. Bradshaw

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Significant investments in regenerative medicine necessitate discussion to align evidentiary requirements and decision-making considerations from regulatory, health system payer and developer perspectives. Only with coordinated efforts will the potential of regenerative medicine be realized. We report on discussions from two workshops sponsored by NICE,(More)
Gene therapies have the potential to cure rare conditions that often have no current efficacious treatments with a one-time treatment episode, relieving substantial unmet need and having profound positive impact on patients' lives. However, with the first gene therapy now licensed and priced at around US$1 million per patient, cost and uncertain funding(More)
Living in a society of animal lovers, the dangers are often not always apparent. Injury from bites and scratches is an occupational hazard for those people who work with animals. Despite the high risk of secondary wound infection as a result of an animal bite, many patients do not receive treatment with an antimicrobial medication. This report describes a(More)
BACKGROUND To understand the clinical and economic outcomes of treatments for managing complications of ischemic central retinal vein occlusion (iCRVO). METHODS We conducted a systematic literature review by searching multiple databases and ophthalmology conferences from 2004 to 2015. Studies published in English language and populations of age ≥45 years(More)
The objective of this work is to demonstrate the potential time and labor savings that may result from increased use of combination vaccinations. The study (GSK study identifier: HO-12-4735) was a model developed to evaluate the efficiency of the pediatric vaccine schedule, using time and motion studies. The model considered vaccination time and the(More)