Steven E. Bayer

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A strong candidate for the 17q-linked BRCA1 gene, which influences susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer, has been identified by positional cloning methods. Probable predisposing mutations have been detected in five of eight kindreds presumed to segregate BRCA1 susceptibility alleles. The mutations include an 11-base pair deletion, a 1-base pair(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray studies have identified different molecular subtypes of breast cancer with prognostic significance. To transition these classifications into the clinical laboratory, we have developed a real-time quantitative reverse transcription (qRT)-PCR assay to diagnose the biological subtypes of breast cancer from fresh-frozen (FF) and(More)
—The aim of this work is to increase the instability of the marching-on-in-time (MOT) method that is used in the analysis of wide-band electromagnetic pulse scattering from structures made of thin wires. The stability problem has been identified with the advent of the MOT method in 1991, and although several improvements have been suggested to overcome this(More)
High resolution digital elevation models (DEM) are utilized in automatic extraction of single-trees in mixed forests. In this paper the digital surface models (DSM) provided from aerial images with resolutions of 8 cm and 20 cm and airborne laser scanning ALS data are investigated. The results showed a relative good representation of the tree crowns even in(More)
The paper gives a short overview about the existing data base and extraction methods for single tree detection. Forest remote sensing has a long tradition and a variety of methods for single tree extraction have already been developed. Most studies and methods focus either on the analysis of satellite images or airborne laser data and on the extraction of(More)
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