Steven Drager

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Performance of gastrointestinal anastomosis by means of surgical stapling devices has achieved popularity in the last decade even though no detailed study has been reported comparing complications following the stapled anastomosis with those following hand sutured procedures performed by the same surgeons. We have reviewed 812 operative procedures on the(More)
Timely and reliable dissemination of traffic-related information to drivers is a key property that intelligent transportation systems (ITS) should support. Numerous impediments stemming due to (a) physical factors, such as mobility and speed of vehicles, density of vehicles, characteristics of the wireless radio channel, and power and bit rate of radio(More)
Security is a system and software property essential in protecting infrastructure critical to the nation’s business and everyday operation. It is often related to and overlapping with other trustworthiness properties, such as safety and/or reliability. Mutual relationships of these properties and their interactions in real world systems have been studied by(More)
In this paper, basic issues of measuring security as a system property are discussed. While traditional approaches to computer security metrics deal mostly with security at the enterprise or organizational level, fewer authors address security measurement at the operational level, that is, when the system is running. After reviewing some basic issues in(More)
In this paper, threat modeling issues in cyberphysical systems are discussed. First a generic model of a cyberphysical system is outlined, with an attack surface suitable for security analysis. Then, a case study of network communication in a road vehicle is presented, with its behavior modeled by a discrete time Markov chain, under the assumption that(More)
This paper addresses the challenge of measuring security, understood as a system property, of cyberphysical systems, in the category of similar properties, such as safety and reliability. First, it attempts to define precisely what security, as a system property, really is. Then, an application context is presented, in terms of an attack surface in(More)
Acute aortic occlusion is most often seen in elderly patients with advanced cardiac disease. The management of these patients has been facilitated by the use of extraanatomic bypass. Over the past 2 years, six patients aged 55 to 87 years presented to our medical center with acute aortic occlusion, three after major operative procedures. One patient had a(More)