Steven Dorrestijn

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Smart technologies and progressive automation raise questions concerning the use of such technologies. The design challenge to enhance usability cannot be seen apart from the broader societal, and ethical concern of how technologies are accommodated in a way of living. The designer's tinkering to improve usability, is therefore an ethically relevant(More)
The presence of four generations in business and organisations and the prevalence of ever-evolving technology, pose questions for technology design; a much wider range of user-product arrangements needs to be forecast and designed for. To provide a theoretical framework that accommodates the need to forecast product appeal for various age groups and(More)
  • Tu Eindhoven, Jasper Van Kuijk, Roger Staats, Photography Cha, Joong Kim, Job Jansweijer +10 others
  • 2012
including photocopy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission from the publisher. Over the past five years, it has been our pleasure to dive deep into the practice of usability and user-centred design. The Design for Usability IOP-IPCR research project was set up to improve the ability of companies to create(More)
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