Steven Devereux

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Patients with breast cancer who require axillary clearance traditionally remain in hospital until their wound drains are removed. Early discharge has been shown to improve clinical outcomes, but there has been little assessment of the psychosocial and financial impact of early discharge on patients, carers and the health service. This study aimed to(More)
Dorte Drybak for the insights they provided and for the valuable critiques and feedback at various stages of the paper's development; and, (of TANGO International), as well as Peter Haag (an independent consultant to WFP) who conducted the initial research in the form of case studies on Social Protection systems in four countries: Mozambique, Tanzania,(More)
Neutrophils are the body's main defence against invasion by bacteria and fungi and, below a level of 1 x 10(9)/l, there is a direct relationship between their circulating number and the risk of systemic infection. Despite advances in supportive care, such as improved broad-spectrum antibiotics and the haemopoietic growth factors, neutropenia following(More)
The recent availability for clinical use of a series of recombinant human growth factors (HGFs) represents the culmination of 25 years of intensive research into the physiology of normal haemopoiesis. The development of clonal assays for primitive murine haemopoietic cells in vivo enabled the growth requirements of developmentally early haemopoietic cells(More)
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