Steven Davies

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<b>Context:</b> Bug reports are the primary means by which users of a system are able to communicate a problem to the developers, and their contents are important - not only to support developers in maintaining the system, but also as the basis of automated tools to assist in the challenging tasks of finding and fixing bugs. <b>Goal:</b> This paper aims to(More)
This experiment was designed to capture and create media suitable for manipulation into effective media for testing and evaluation of user interfaces for interaction with immersive media. A Cross Platform Interactive 360&#261; a zoetropic multimedia interface was developed using RGB+D media using DSLR and Microsoft Kinect hardware. It was found that(More)
—A crucial step in understanding the life cycle of software bugs is identifying their origin. Unfortunately this information is not usually recorded and recovering it at a later date is challenging. Recently two approaches have been developed that attempt to solve this problem: the text approach and the dependency approach. However only limited evaluation(More)
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