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Relativism and the Foundations of Philosophy
This work presents a defense of the view that philosophical propositions are true in some perspectives and false in others, arguing that the rationalist, intuition-driven method of acquiring basicExpand
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Truth in Context: An Essay on Pluralism and Objectivity
A Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 1999 Academic debates about pluralism and truth have become increasingly polarized in recent years. One side embraces extreme relativism, deeming any talk ofExpand
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Why Every Theory of Luck is Wrong
There are three theories of luck in the literature, each of which tends to appeal to philosophers pursuing different concerns. These are the probability, modal, and control views. I will argue thatExpand
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Motivations for Relativism as a Solution to Disagreements
Abstract There are five basic ways to resolve disagreements: keep arguing until capitulation, compromise, locate an ambiguity or contextual factors, accept Pyrrhonian skepticism, and adoptExpand
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Endurantism, Perdurantism and Special Relativity
There are two main theories about the persistence of objects through time. Endurantists hold that objects are three-dimensional, have only spatial parts, and wholly exist at each moment of theirExpand
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Abortion and Fathers’ Rights
In this chapter I argue that three widely accepted principles regarding abortion and parental rights are prima facie jointly inconsistent. These principles are probably accepted by most who considerExpand
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A consistent relativism
Relativism is one of the most tenacious theories about truth, with a pedigree as old as philosophy itself. Nearly as ancient is the chief criticism of relativism, namely the charge that the theory isExpand
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Epistemic Closure Principles
L'A. demontre que certains principes de cloture de la connaissance sont faux ou triviaux du point de vue epistemologique et du point de vue de la logique doxastique. Ils ne peuvent servir aExpand
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