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Our experience with design of Ada<sup>1</sup> software has indicated that a methodology, based on formal algebra, can be developed which integrates the design and management of reusable components with Ada systems design. The methodology requires the use of a specification language, also based on formal algebra, to extend Ada's expressive power for this(More)
MITRE’s Architecture Quality Assessment (AQA) is intended to provide an objective and repeatable technique for the evaluation of system architectures. This paper describes the scope of AQA and its intended use; the evaluation methodology embodied in the AQA; the process of conducting an architecture assessment using the AQA; the current status of the AQA;(More)
Much of today's software development involves reengineering legacy applications, but the bulk of research and tools address new software development. The Distributed Object Management Integration System (DOMIS, 1993-96) project investigated how legacy applications can be incrementally modi ed, or migrated, by using distributed object management (DOM)(More)
We consider the problem of getting a computer to follow reasoning conducted in dynamic logic. This is a recently developed logic of programs that subsumes most existing f irstorder logics of programs that manipulate their environment, including Floyd's and Hoare's logics of partial correctness and Manna and Waldinger's logic of total correctness. Dynamic(More)
We are currently investigating the development of visual, distributed information systems for the scientific research community. Our approach involves prototyping a distributed architecture capable of integrating applications for visualization and data analysis. To incorporate existing commercial visualization and analysis tools, we are pursuing a strategy(More)
The Multimission Three-Axis Attitude Support System (MTASS) had the most modest use of 00 technology. On such systems, there was always one big file for all sensor data. As sensors vary from mission to mission, interfaces and file formats need to be revised, so there hasn’t been a lot of reuse. On MTASS, we employed a single file for each sensor and have(More)
We are currently investigating the development of visual, distributed information systems for the scientiic research community. As part of this work, we are developing an approach to integrating existing applications for visualization and data analysis into a uniied object-oriented information system architecture. To incorporate such existing applications,(More)
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