Steven D. Culler

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BACKGROUND Schizophrenia is often a persistent and costly illness that requires continued treatment with antipsychotics. Differences among antipsychotics on efficacy, safety, tolerability, adherence, and cost have cost-effectiveness implications for treating schizophrenia. This study compares the cost-effectiveness of oral olanzapine, oral risperidone (at(More)
BACKGROUND Practice facilitation (PF) is an implementation strategy now commonly used in primary care settings for improvement initiatives. PF occurs when a trained external facilitator engages and supports the practice in its change efforts. The purpose of this group-randomized trial is to assess PF as an intervention to improve the delivery of chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients with type 2 diabetes have suboptimal control of their glucose, blood pressure (BP), and lipids - three risk factors for diabetes complications. Although the chronic care model (CCM) provides a roadmap for improving these outcomes, developing theoretically sound implementation strategies that will work across diverse primary care(More)
This study examines the associations between the availability of IT applications in a hospital and that hospital's risk adjusted incidence rate per 1,000 hospitalizations for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) 15 Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs). The study population consists of a convenience sample of 66 community hospitals in Georgia that(More)
To describe facilitators and barriers to the implementation of an inpatient pharmacy system at two pediatric hospitals. Interviews, pre- and post-implementation, were conducted with pharmacy and clinical managers. Key findings from the pre-implementation survey were included in the post-implementation survey to further assess facilitators and barriers to(More)
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