Steven D Barber

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Intrinsic ripples in freestanding graphene have been exceedingly difficult to study. Individual ripple geometry was recently imaged using scanning tunnelling microscopy, but these measurements are limited to static configurations. Thermally-activated flexural phonon modes should generate dynamic changes in curvature. Here we show how to track the vertical(More)
Freestanding graphene membranes were successfully functionalized with platinum nanoparticles (Pt NPs). High-resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed a homogeneous distribution of single-crystal Pt NPs that tend to exhibit a preferred orientation. Unexpectedly, the NPs were also found to be partially exposed to the vacuum with the top Pt surface(More)
Horizontal shifts in the top layer of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, induced by a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) tip, are presented. Excellent agreement is found between STM images and those simulated using density functional theory. First-principle calculations identify that the low-energy barrier direction of the top layer displacement is toward(More)
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