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Thrombospondin (TSP) 2, and its close relative TSP1, are extracellular proteins whose functions are complex, poorly understood, and controversial. In an attempt to determine the function of TSP2, we disrupted the Thbs2 gene by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells, and generated TSP2-null mice by blastocyst injection and appropriate breeding of(More)
There is little doubt that skeletal development and subsequent maintenance of bone mass and morphology during adulthood is greatly influenced by viable muscle function. In this review, we will summarize human observations that support this concept, then focus on models that have enabled (or may enable in the future) insight into the co-dependency of muscle(More)
The increasing incidence of osteoporosis worldwide requires anabolic treatments that are safe, effective, and, critically, inexpensive given the prevailing overburdened health care systems. While vigorous skeletal loading is anabolic and holds promise, deficits in mechanotransduction accrued with age markedly diminish the efficacy of readily complied,(More)
Bone has long been established to be a highly mechanosensitive tissue. When subjected to mechanical loading, bone exhibits profoundly different anabolic responses depending on the temporal pattern in which the stimulus is applied. This phenomenon has been termed temporal processing, and involves complex signal amplification mechanisms that are largely(More)
Physical exercise is thought to hold promise as a non-invasive countermeasure against skeletal fragility arising from post-menopausal and age-related osteoporosis. Importantly, mechanical loading and exercise are capable of increasing bone size via periosteal expansion, which by far, is the most effective means of strengthening the structure of a given(More)
The critical role that mechanical stimuli serve in mediating bone repair is recognized but incompletely understood. Further, previous attempts to understand this role have utilized application of externally applied mechanical loads to study the tissue's response. In this project, we have therefore endeavored to capitalize on bone's own consistently diverse(More)
Age-related decline in periosteal adaptation negatively impacts the ability to utilize exercise to enhance bone mass and strength in the elderly. We recently observed that in senescent animals subject to cyclically applied loading, supplementation with Cyclosporin A (CsA) substantially enhanced the periosteal bone formation rates to levels observed in young(More)
PAPERS IN REFEREED JOURNALS T.J. vanderWeele, T.S. Richardson. (2012) General theory for interactions in sufficient cause models with dichotomous exposures. 33 pages. Annals of Statistics. Accepted for publication. Learning high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs with latent and selection variables. Identification of covariates for the non-parametric(More)
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