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An optimization problem related to balancing loads on SONET rings
A model and a set of solution techniques for an important problem arising in the design of survivable telecommunication networks utilizing fiber-optics-based technologies and are being successfully applied to actual network design problems arising in Bell operating companies and other telecommunication providers. Expand
Network planning with random demand
The proposed planning model is a two-stage stochastic linear program (SLP) with recourse, a sampling based algorithm called Stochastic decomposition (SD) for very large-scale SLPs, such as the ones solved in this application. Expand
SONET Toolkit: A Decision Support System for Designing Robust and Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Networks
Bellcore has built the SONET Toolkit decision support software to design robust fiber-optic networks that protect services against the consequences of a cable cut (link) or an equipment failureExpand
Demand Routing and Slotting on Ring Networks
We describe an important class of problems that arise in the economic design of "survivable" networks. Such networks are capable of accommodating all of the traffic between pairs of locations, evenExpand
Strongly Polynomial Algorithms for the Quadratic Transportation Problem with a Fixed Number of Sources
The strong polynomiality of the algorithms presented here imply the existence of stronglyPolynomial algorithms for Integer Quadratic Transportation problems with a fixed number of source nodes as well. Expand
A Bound of 4 for the Diameter of the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Polytope
The diameter of the polytope arising in the n-city symmetric traveling salesman problem (TSP) and perfect matching polytopes is investigated and it is constructively shown that its diameter is at most 4, for all $n \geq 3$. Expand
The Fibonacci hypercube
A decomposition of the graph into self-similar subgraphs that are also graphs of Fibonacci hypercubes of lower dimension is discussed, a recurrence formula for the number of edges is obtained, and it is shown that the graph is Hamiltonian. Expand
An algorithm for the detection and construction of Monge sequences
Abstract We give an efficient algorithm which determines whether a condition due to Hoffman (1963) is satisfied by the cost matrix of a transportation problem. In case the condition is satisfied, ourExpand
A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for a Special Class of Linear Programs
We extend the list of linear programming problems that are known to be solvable in strongly polynomial time to include a class of LPs which contains special cases of the generalized transshipmentExpand
A Simple Approximation Algorithm for Two Problems in Circuit Design
This paper provides a very simple two-approximation algorithm for two NP-hard problems that arise in electronic circuit design. To our knowledge, this is the best approximation bound known for theseExpand