Steven Connelly

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A new method for generation of nonhomogeneous, anisotropic random patterns defined on a square lattice is presented . First a hierarchy of seed structures is derived by recursively deleting the sites of the square lattice . This decimation process is parallel, and employs local ordering of Lid . random numbers. At every level of the hierarchy the surviving(More)
The Operator Choice Model (OCM) was developed to model the behaviour of operators attending to complex tasks involving interdependent concurrent activities, such as in Air Traffic Control (ATC). The purpose of the OCM is to provide a flexible framework for modelling and simulation that can be used for quantitative analyses in human reliability assessment,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of rigid plate fixation (RPF) and subsequent removal on craniofacial growth in rabbits. DESIGN Randomized controlled experiment. SUBJECTS Thirty-two 6-week-old male New Zealand white rabbits. INTERVENTIONS Group 1 underwent exposure of the left nasofrontal suture and midzygomatic arch; group 2, RPF of the left(More)
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