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Time-motion (TM) studies are often considered the gold-standard for measurements of the impact of computer systems on task flow and duration. However, in many clinical environments tasks occur too rapidly and have too short of a duration to be captured with conventional paper-based TM methods. Observers may also with to categorize caregiver activities along(More)
—We introduce a new metric for live migration of virtual machines (VM) called eviction time defined as the time to evict the state of one or more VMs from the source host. Eviction time determines how quickly the source can be taken offline or its resources repurposed for other VMs. In traditional live migration, such as pre-copy and post-copy, eviction(More)
BACKGROUND Cells pneumatizing through the frontal ostium may vary in the degree of frontal sinus penetration. This series describes the use of the axillary flap technique and the endoscopic modified Lothrop procedure (EMLP) for the removal of cells that pneumatize to a varying degree through the frontal ostium into the frontal sinus. METHODS Out of a(More)
The proposed mobile device uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to keep track of registered objects that are within range of the user. The goal is to provide a new security solution for keeping belongings that are carried around. The device consists of a mobile RFID reader and a control program with a graphical user interface. The assets are attached(More)
Websites are now the basic requirement to an increasing number of communication and business strategies. The usability of a website, effectiveness of its interface, as well as its amount of information , ease of navigation, and user friendliness of its functions, are central to the success of these strategies. Yet these important design qualities remain to(More)