Steven Castillo

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A hybrid finite-element method/method of moments (FEM/MOM) model has been implemented to compute the coupling of fields into a cavity through narrow slot apertures having depth. The model utilizes the slot model of Warne and Chen [24]–[30], which takes into account the depth of the slot, wall losses, and dielectrics with air gaps in the slot region. The(More)
A new feedback system has been developed for stabilizing the SLC beams at many locations. The feedback loops are desi ned rate oft % to sample and correct at the 60 Hz repetition e accelerator. Each loop can be distributed across several of the standard 80386 microprocessors which control the SLC hardware. A new communications system, KISNet, has been(More)
1 I n t r o d u c t i o n The finite-element method (FEM) is a general technique used for solving part ial differential equations tha t are commonly encountered in engineering and science problems. Despite the generality of the method, its applicability to many problems is limited by the computat ional power available. This l imitation is part icularly(More)
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