Steven C. Venema

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In this paper we present the results of experiments that explore the ability of the human fingertip to detect haptically simulated first-order and second-order surface discontinuities. A single finger, planar motion fingertip haptic display (FHD) developed at the University of Wash-ington (UW) was used by multiple test operators under a variety of treatment(More)
A previously developed 3 axis mini direct drive robot has been enhanced with two additional direct drive axes for general positioning and orientation of an axially symmetric tool. The arm has a work volume of about 50 cc and will have 5-10 micron or better resolution and repeatability. The arm forms an initial prototype for the NASA/Univer-sity of(More)
This paper studies the ways that the performance of direct drive serial robots changes as system size is changed. We are particularly interested in the physical laws for scaling down direct drive arms to small sizes. Using theoretical scaling analysis, we show that there is a net physical performance advantage to small direct drive arms. A key factor for(More)
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