Steven C. Suddarth

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VIGILANTE consists of two major components: 1) the Yiewing Jrnager/Qimballed Instrumentation Laboratory ultraviolet sensors with appropriate optics and camera electronics (VIGIL)-advanced infrared, visible, and 2) the Analog Neural Ihree-dimensional processing Experiment (ANTE)-a massively parallel, neural network-based, high-speed processor, The powerful(More)
AIIS3’RACT VIGI 1,ANI’E IS an ultrafast smart sensor testbcd for generic Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) applications with a series of capability demonstration focussed on cruise missi le defense (CMIJ). VIG1l.AN’1%’S sensor/processor architecture is based on next-generation lJV/visible/l R semors and a tcraoperations per second sugar-cube processor, as(More)
VIGILANTE is an ultrafast smart sensor testbed for automatic target recognition (ATR) applications with a series of capability demonstration focused on a cruise missile defense (CMD) scenario. VIGILANTE’S sensor/processor architecture is based on next-generation UV/visible/IR sensors and a teraoperations per second sugar-cube processor, as well as(More)
Summary form only given, as follows. A method is proposed for using a multilayer network, such as one trained using backpropagation as an associative memory. Such networks may be used for a variety of purposes, of which two principal applications could be a nonlinear associative memory with fast convergence, or as a means for testing multilayered systems(More)
Energy harvesting systems are becoming more attractive for remote sensing applications. In this paper, we propose a new technique that performs the voltage scaling in conjunction with frequency scaling to achieve ultra low power design in ASIC/FPGA. To detect errors and obtain the corrected data without any loss in performance, a delayed clock flip-flop is(More)
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