Steven C. Nicholes

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— This letter presents highly-polarized edge light emitting diodes with high-confinement, strained, multiple quantum well active regions. We demonstrate +40dB of polarization extinction along with 16dBm of output power from an 800&m long centered quantum well device. By characterizing the polarization extinction and gain of devices with different lengths(More)
Novel monolithic programmable optical filters are proposed and demonstrated. Deeply-etched waveguides are used throughout. Unit cells, incorporating a ring resonator in one arm of a Mach-Zehnder, have given programmable poles and zeros; cascaded unit cells have yielded flat-topped band-pass filter characteristics.
We demonstrate the first InP monolithic tunable optical router with error-free 40 Gbps operation per port. The device has eight wavelength converters and an 8x8 arrayed-waveguide grating router, yielding more than 200 on-chip functional elements. 1. Introduction Advanced photonic integrated circuits (PIC) in InP are a critical technology for next-generation(More)
—A novel monolithic programmable optical lattice filter consisting of unit cell building blocks is proposed. Single unit cells incorporating a ring resonator in one arm of a Mach–Zehnder are fabricated in an InGaAsP–InP material system. Programmable poles and zeros are demonstrated and monolithically cascaded unit cells are used to synthesize a flat(More)
High verticality and reduced sidewall deterioration of InP/InGaAsP in Cl 2 / H 2 / Ar inductively coupled plasma etching is demonstrated for a hydrogen dominant gas mixture. Selectivity Ͼ20: 1, an etch rate of 24 nm/s, and a sidewall slope angle of Ͼ89° have been measured for etch depths Ͼ7 ␮m. The Ar flow is minimized to reduce surface etch damage while(More)
—Communications interconnects and networks will continue to play a large role in contributing to the global carbon footprint, especially in data center and cloud-computing applications exponential growth in capacity. Key to maximizing the benefits of photonics technology is highly functional, lower power, and large-scale photonics integration. In this(More)
—In this paper, we demonstrate single-channel operation of the first InP monolithic tunable optical router (MOTOR) chip designed to function as the packet forwarding engine of an all-optical router. The device has eight-input and eight-output ports and is capable of 40-Gb/s operation per port with bit-error rates below 1E-9. MOTOR integrates eight(More)
—The performance of relatively complex photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is now reaching such high levels that the long sought goal of realizing low-cost, –size,-weight, and-power chips to replace hybrid solutions seems to have been achieved for some applications. This tutorial traces some of the evolution of this technology that has led to an array of(More)
We present an extensive study of an ultracompact grating-based beam splitter suitable for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that have stringent density requirements. The 10 microm long beam splitter exhibits equal splitting, low insertion loss, and also provides a high extinction ratio in an integrated coherent balanced receiver. We further present the(More)