Steven C. Michael

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We analyze the market for corporate assets. There is an active market for corporate assets, with close to seven percent of plants changing ownership annually through mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales in peak expansion years. The probability of asset sales and whole-firm transactions is related to firm organization and ex ante efficiency of buyers and(More)
We develop a subjectivist theory of entrepreneurship that focuses on individuals, their knowledge, resources and skills, and the processes of discovery and creativity, which constitute the heart of entrepreneurship. First, we establish the fundamental importance of subjectivity in entrepreneurial discovery and creativity that lead to economic change and to(More)
The current neoclassical synthesis of economic theory does not contain a role for the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial activity. In this paper we argue that such a role can be reintroduced into the economic foundations of strategy by adopting a subjectivist theory of entrepreneurship. A subjectivist theory focuses on individuals (subjects), on their(More)
The rowi is a critically endangered species of kiwi. Young birds on a crèche island showed loss of feathers from the ventral abdomen and a scurfy dermatitis of the abdominal skin and vent margin. Histology of skin biopsies identified cutaneous larval migrans, which was shown by molecular sequencing to be possibly from a species of Trichostrongylus as a(More)
A fast identification method which provides the determination of different mechanical parameters of a particular device under test has been investigated for application to micro-electromechanical beam resonators. By performing optical measurements, the frequency-dependent mechanical out-of-plane displacement has been recorded to determine the modal resonant(More)
Citation Michael, Steven et al. " Comparison of scintillation measurements from a 5 km communication link to standard statistical models. " Atmospheric Propagation VI. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made(More)
A new method for developing a realistic physical model of any type of solid state device is presented. Application to model advanced multi-junction solar cells; Thermo-photovoltaics; sensors; as well as other novel solid state devices are introduced in this presentation. The primary goal of multijunction solar cell design is to maximize the output power for(More)
Since the voicing source is located between the lower and upper airways and has a high impedance, the resonances of the lower airway appear as pole-zero pairs in vowel spectra. These pole-zero pairs interact non-linearly with the vocal tract formants, producing narrow frequency bands within which formant structure is unstable. The broader frequency bands(More)