Steven C. Huber

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Coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) infections induce myocarditis in humans and mice. Little is known about the molecular characteristics of CVB3 that activate the cellular immunity responsible for cardiac inflammation. Previous experiments have identified an antibody escape mutant (H310A1) of a myocarditic variant of CVB3 (H3) that attenuates the myocarditic(More)
The mechanisms involved in sensing oxidative signalling molecules, such as H2O2, in plant and animal cells are not completely understood. In the present study, we tested the postulate that oxidation of Met (methionine) to MetSO (Met sulfoxide) can couple oxidative signals to changes in protein phosphorylation. We demonstrate that when a Met residue(More)
The receptor kinase BRI1 (BRASSINOSTEROID-INSENSITIVE 1) is a key component in BR (brassinosteroid) perception and signal transduction, and has a broad impact on plant growth and development. In the present study, we demonstrate that Arabidopsis CaM (calmodulin) binds to the recombinant cytoplasmic domain of BRI1 in a Ca2+-dependent manner in vitro. In(More)
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