Steven C. Gabaeff

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The high incidence of subdural hematoma (SDH) from birthing was first identified with MRI by Looney in 2007 and was then more accurately determined by Rooks in 2008. Rooks screened 101 "normal" deliveries and demonstrated that 46% of the babies in her series and by inference, approximately 46% of the 4 million born normally in the US have SDH that formed in(More)
Child abuse experts use diagnostic findings of subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages as near-pathognomonic findings to diagnose shaken baby syndrome. This article reviews the origin of this link and casts serious doubt on the specificity of the pathophysiologic connection. The forces required to cause brain injury were derived from an experiment of high(More)
There is a controversy in child abuse pediatrics between an established corps of child abuse pediatricians aligned with hospital colleagues and law enforcement, and a multi-specialty challenger group of doctors and other medical professionals working with public interest lawyers. The latter group questions the scientific validity of the core beliefs of(More)
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