Steven C. Chapra

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QUAL2Kw is a framework for the simulation of water quality in streams and rivers. Dynamic diel heat budget and water quality kinetics are calculated for one-dimensional steady-flow systems. The framework includes a genetic algorithm to facilitate the calibration of the model in application to particular waterbodies. The genetic algorithm is used to find the(More)
A passive method for remote sensing of the nuisance green algae Cladophora glomerata in rivers is presented using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Included are methods for UAV operation, lens distortion correction, image georeferencing, and spectral analysis to support algal cover mapping. Eighteen aerial photography missions were conducted over the summer(More)
The influence of uncertainties in biokinetic parameters for ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria on the performance of a two-step nitrification model was evaluated using the Generalized Uncertainty Estimation (GLUE) technique. The predictive capability of behavioral simulations generated using GLUE was assessed utilizing data from experiments comparing(More)
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