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The present study examined the benefits of providing amplified speech to the low- and mid-frequency regions of listeners with various degrees of sensorineural hearing loss. Nonsense syllables were low-pass filtered at various cutoff frequencies and consonant recognition was measured as the bandwidth of the signal was increased. In addition, error patterns(More)
The FinFET transistor is the most widely studied and known multi-gate architecture that has the potential to be scaled to beyond the 45 nm technology node. In this paper a number of integration issues have been addressed. In first section the patterning challenges have been discussed. Due to the particular layout of the FinFET devices a variation in fin(More)
Many HPC applications developed over the past two decades have used Fortran and MPI-based parallelization. As the size of today's HPC resources continues to increase, these codes struggle to efficiently utilize the million-way parallelism of these platforms. Rewriting these codes from scratch to leverage modern programming paradigms would be time-consuming(More)
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