Steven Brierley

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Microwave GaN technology is now in production and poised to revolutionize many of today’s radar and communication systems. Simultaneously, mm-wave GaN processes are rapidly being matured to meet the growing needs of high power and efficiency, at higher frequencies. In this paper, we present an overview of GaN development, focusing on reliability and(More)
Group behavioral classroom instruction for children with developmental disabilities has been shown to allow for increased efficiency, approximation to naturalistic arrangements, and enhanced opportunity for interaction, social teaching and observational learning. This study examines the effectiveness of a group instructional extension of one to one discrete(More)
Suggests that managing performance should not just be a once-a-year appraisal of people, but should be a dynamic process integrating the various aspects of organizational and human resource management, including staff appraisal and development, as well as quality, standards, targets and outcomes, etc. Points out that the best route to organizational success(More)
Examines managing performance as an integrated, dynamic process, involving strategic decisions, people value, management of change and communication. Concludes that it is better to be a learning company than an excellent company, as this leads to commitment to employee development, which in turn leads to managing human resources effectively, therefore(More)
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