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Our goal is to increase efficiency and quality in automation engineering in machine and plant manufacturing industry by supporting modularity and reuse. This article proofs that object-oriented modelbased design can beneficially be applied in industry and that the code automatically derived from the UML model can be implemented on industrial PLCs without(More)
This paper presents the modular automation for reuse in manufacturing systems (modAT4rMS) approach to support the model-driven engineering (MDE) of object-oriented manufacturing automation software with regard to its usability and software modularity. With usability, we refer to the aspects' effectiveness, efficiency, and user acceptance as defined by ISO(More)
the actual published value only approximates. The true value of the CPI is considered to be the true cost-of-living index, and so we begin with a discussion of the theory of the cost of living index. We progress to the construction of the actual CPI as it is reported every month, following the description of methodology in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’(More)
During the last eight years we investigated the benefit of modeling notations, e.g. UML and domain specific UML profiles as well as specialized modeling languages (Idiomatic Control Language - ICL) in software engineering (IEC 61131-3) in machine and plant automation with three different experiments and approximately more than 120 participants. The results(More)
The results of the evaluation of a web 2.0 platform promoting interactive learning for technical vocational training are presented. The focus of the paper lies on an analysis of the user interests in that particular context. It was found that despite the industrial-technical trainees’ high affinity with computers and multimedia, they prefer a rather passive(More)
Our goal is to improve the handling of new possibilities given through object-oriented extension of the IEC 61131-3 programming techniques. We already know that modeling of structure is a challenge for automation engineers and often neglected. In an interdisciplinary research team we examined whether the modeling order with the Unified Modeling Language(More)
Aggregate supply is an old idea. Although discussed by Keynes and the early Keynsians, most recent econometric models can justly be criticized for not adequately developing the supply side. It is therefore exciting to review a supply-side model created by one of the most prominent model-builders. The Evans model was commissioned by the Senate Finance(More)