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Negombo Fishermen's Tamil: A Case of Indo-Aryan Contact-Induced Change in a Dravidian Dialect
Negombo Fishermen's Tamil, a dialect of Tamil from coastal Sri Lanka spoken by bilingual Catholic fishermen, exhibits many features of contact-induced change. Based on data collected in the NegomboExpand
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The dagoba and the gopuram: A semiotic contrastive study of the Sinhalese Buddhist and Tamil Hindu cultures
Abstract Having shown previously how a culture type can be given a unitary description in terms of a semiotic “lens” constrained by one of the Peircean Categories (“Shamanic” culture, by Firstness),Expand
The lens of firstness: Shamanic/Aboriginal culture as cosmos-sign
Abstract Having identified previously (Bonta 2015) the Peircean Category Firstness as the semiotic basis (or cultural Prime Symbol) for Australian Aboriginal culture, this paper examines the “lens”Expand
Towards a semiotic theory of historico-cultural cycles: The semiotic contours of Spengler's “prime symbols”
Abstract Oswald Spengler's theory of historico-cultural cycles is based on the notion of the “prime symbol,” an abstract metaphor for space/extension manifested in the art, science, and religion of aExpand
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A Peircean typology of cultural prime symbols: Culture as category
Abstract Oswald Spengler first showed that every macroculture can be conceived of as an accretion of signs representing in various contexts a single abstract Prime Symbol. But this semiotic model ofExpand
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