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This paper presents a frequency-selective RF vector predistortion linearization system for RF multicarrier power amplifiers (PAs) affected by strong differential memory effects. Differential memory effects can be revealed in two-tone experiment by the divergence for increasing tone-spacing of the vector Volterra coefficients associated with the lower and(More)
Mixed-signal system design is a complex task with many levels of deliverables, includ-and process design kits. The ability to create mixed-signal design content has lagged behind digital design for decades, largely because the digital methodology has been able to make efficient use of design abstraction and implementation automation. In this work, we argue(More)
—— High-speed input/outputs (I/O) are in demand due to advances in integrated circuits (ICs), which made it possible to obtain multi gigahertz clock speeds. However, as very large scale integration (VLSI) technology scales down, the pin bandwidth does not scale accordingly. Some factors to consider in designing of high-speed I/Os are the integration of(More)
—— RF/Analog System Design often requires many more constructs than are present in Verilog and VHDL-AMS language extensions. These additional constructs are vendor specific and thus constrain the design database to a specific vendor. This paper describes the design of an LNA as part of a Software Radio architecture to highlight some of the issues in using(More)
We present a general circuit-based model of LC oscillator phase noise applicable to both white noise and 1/f noise. Using Kurokawa theory, differential equations governing the relationship between amplitude and phase noise at the tank are derived and solved. Closed form equations are obtained for the IEEE oscillator phase noise for both white and 1/f noise.(More)
VHDL-AMS, or VHSIC Hardware Description Language-Analog & Mixed Signal Extensions is being supported in a variety of Design Automation tools for circuit design. Although there are a number of published examples on the use of VHDL-AMS for modeling of mixed signal circuits, it is still not clear what are examples of "best practice" methods. This paper(More)
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