Steven Bibyk

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  • Matthew E E Silverman, Steven Bibyk, Advisor, Matthew Silverman, Vita vi
  • 1978
In analog design, there are so many design considerations that the modeling and simulation required to guide decisions from design conception to fabrication becomes staggering. In [18], Murphy and Bibyk estimate that there are 14 million different amplifier types corresponding to 3 levels of performance in 15 basic analog performance categories (3 15 ≈ 14(More)
Mixed-signal system design is a complex task with many levels of deliverables, includ-and process design kits. The ability to create mixed-signal design content has lagged behind digital design for decades, largely because the digital methodology has been able to make efficient use of design abstraction and implementation automation. In this work, we argue(More)
VHDL-AMS, or VHSIC Hardware Description Language-Analog & Mixed Signal Extensions is being supported in a variety of Design Automation tools for circuit design. Although there are a number of published examples on the use of VHDL-AMS for modeling of mixed signal circuits, it is still not clear what are examples of "best practice" methods. This paper(More)
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