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TREC-COVID: Constructing a Pandemic Information Retrieval Test Collection
TREC-COVID is a community evaluation designed to build a test collection that captures the information needs of biomedical researchers using the scientific literature during a pandemic. One of theExpand
Overview of the CLEF 2009 Medical Image Retrieval Track
2009 was the sixth year for the ImageCLEF medical retrieval task and for the first time, 5 case-based topics were provided as an exploratory task, designed to be closer to the clinical workflow. Expand
Overview of the TREC 2020 Precision Medicine Track
The TREC Precision Medicine track was launched to specialize the CDS track to the needs of precision medicine so IR systems can focus on this important issue, and for three years the TREC Clinical Decision Support track sought to evaluate IR systems that provide medical evidence at the point ofcare. Expand
Concussion guidelines step 1: systematic review of prevalent indicators.
A systematic review of the highest-quality literature about concussion to establish an evidence-based foundation from which to derive a definition, diagnostic criteria, and prognostic indicators for concussion is established. Expand
Overview of the ImageCLEFmed 2008 Medical Image Retrieval Task
The medical image retrieval task of ImageCLEF is in its fifth year and participation continues to increase to a total of 37 registered research groups, with best results regarding MAP were similar for textual and multi- modal approaches whereas early precision was better for some multi-modal approaches. Expand
TREC-COVID: rationale and structure of an information retrieval shared task for COVID-19
TREC-COVID differs from traditional IR shared task evaluations with special considerations for the expected users, IR modality considerations, topic development, participant requirements, assessment process, relevance criteria, evaluation metrics, iteration process, projected timeline, and the implications of data use as a post-task test collection. Expand
Barriers to Retrieving Patient Information from Electronic Health Record Data: Failure Analysis from the TREC Medical Records Track
This study identified the most common barriers to identifying specific clinic populations in the test collection and provides insight into areas for future improvement in EHR-based retrieval with techniques such as more widespread and complete use of standardized terminology in retrieval and data entry systems. Expand
Overview of the CLEF 2011 Medical Image Classification and Retrieval Tasks
The eighth edition of the ImageCLEF medical retrieval task was organized in 2011. A subset of the open access collection of PubMed Central was used as the database in 2011. This database containsExpand
Furrow microtubules and localized exocytosis in cleaving Xenopus laevis embryos
In dividing Xenopus eggs, furrowing is accompanied by expansion of a new domain of plasma membrane in the cleavage plane. The source of the new membrane is known to include a store of oogeneticallyExpand
Evaluating performance of biomedical image retrieval systems - An overview of the medical image retrieval task at ImageCLEF 2004-2013
A standard test bed was created that allows researchers to compare their approaches and ideas on increasingly large and varied data sets including generated ground truth, and the lessons learned in ten evaluation campaigns are described. Expand