Steven B. Krivit

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This is a comment on Storms (Naturwissenschaften 97:861–881, 2010) Status of Cold Fusion, Naturwissenschaften, 97:861–881. This comment provides the following corrections: other nuclear phenomena observed in low-energy nuclear reactions aside from helium-4 make significant contributions to the overall energy balance; and normal hydrogen, not just heavy(More)
I t is difficult for me to separate my own human experiences from the ideas and science that have taken place since the announcement of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons on March 23, 1989—in which they suggested they might have created a form of nuclear fusion, through ordinary chemistry. On the one hand, the claims were so audacious and so outrageous(More)
This paper presents a new look at low-energy nuclear reaction research, a field that has developed from one of the most controversial subjects in science, "cold fusion." Early in the history of this controversy, beginning in 1989, a strong polarity existed; many scientists fiercely defended the claim of new physical effects as well as a new process in which(More)
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