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There is significant evidence that low-dose aspirin is effective in preventing the first myocardial infarction in men and ischemic stroke in women. There is also an increased risk for major gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage and a suggestive, but nonsignificant, increase in the risk for hemorrhagic stroke. If there is a history of ulcer disease or(More)
The ligand-activated transcription factor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta (PPARbeta) is present in the brain and is implicated in the regulation of genes with potential roles in neurotoxicity. We sought to examine the role of PPARbeta in neuronal cell death by using the PPARbeta ligand GW0742. Primary cultures of rat cerebellar granule(More)
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPARalpha) is a member of the steroid hormone receptor superfamily. In rodents, PPARalpha alters genes involved in cell cycle regulation in hepatocytes. Some of these genes are implicated in neuronal cell death. Therefore, in this study, we examined the toxicological consequence of PPARalpha activation in(More)
Taste buds release ATP to activate ionotropic purinoceptors composed of P2X2 and P2X3 subunits, present on the taste nerves. Mice with genetic deletion of P2X2 and P2X3 receptors (double knockout mice) lack responses to all taste stimuli presumably due to the absence of ATP-gated receptors on the afferent nerves. Recent experiments on the double knockout(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypoglycemia is a cause of significant morbidity among patients with diabetes and may be associated with greater risk of death. We conducted a retrospective study to determine whether patient self-report of severe hypoglycemia is associated with increased mortality. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Adult patients (N = 1,020) seen in a specialty(More)
OBJECTIVE The Mayo Health System Diabetes Translation Project sought to assess models of community-based diabetes care and use of a diabetes electronic management system (DEMS). Planned care is a redesigned model of chronic disease care that involves guideline implementation, support of self-management, and use of clinical information systems. RESEARCH(More)
Future NASA Earth observing satellites will carry high-precision instruments capable of producing large amounts of scientific data. The anticipated networking of these instrument-laden satellites into a web-like array of sensors creates significant challenges in the processing, transmission, storage and distribution of data and data products – the essential(More)
1 OBJECTIVE — The purpose of this study was to determine whether implementation of a multicomponent organizational intervention can produce significant change in diabetes care and outcomes in community primary care practices. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS — This was a group-randomized, controlled clinical trial evaluating the practical effectiveness of a(More)
— In this paper we present our immersive network monitoring system that is used for real-time and retrospective analysis of network traffic. Our 3-D representations are designed from the perspective of monitoring traffic at an administrative boundary between the Internet and an internal network. In our virtual environment, a physical boundary and defended(More)