Steven A. Russell

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Identifying proteins in cell extracts by shotgun proteomics involves digesting the proteins, sequencing the resulting peptides by data-dependent mass spectrometry (MS/MS), and searching protein databases to identify the proteins from which the peptides are derived. Manual analysis and direct spectral comparison reveal that scores from two commonly used(More)
[1] Broadband shear wave signals from 15 deep South American earthquakes reveal small-scale variations of the D00 shear velocity discontinuity beneath the Cocos Plate. Deconvolution by average event source wavelets allows multiple event and California station combinations to be double-array stacked in 4 geographically separate reflection point bins with(More)
[1] Broadband shear wave signals from 16 deep South American earthquakes are used in a high-resolution analysis of lowermost mantle structure beneath the Cocos Plate. Shear wave splitting of 162 ScS phases is generally compatible with vertical transverse isotropy (VTI) in the D00 region, with little path length or spatial dependence across the 200 800 km(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect on risk management of full-time attending physician coverage in a pediatric emergency department. DESIGN Retrospective, with data collected through a review of malpractice cases from August 1, 1984 through July 31, 1990. SETTING Large urban teaching hospital's pediatric emergency department. RESULTS Malpractice cases(More)
It seems self-evident that the establishment of 24-hour per day attending physician coverage in a teaching hospital's emergency department would enhance risk management. However, prior to this study, little investigation had been done to corroborate the effects of full-time emergency department attending physician coverage. In a retrospective study from a(More)
GLOBAL DIVERSITY OF THE LUNAR CRUST: SCIENCE AND CHALLENGES OF LUNAR SAMPLE RETURN. K. H. Joy, J. Gross, T. Arai, S. A. Russell School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK, The American Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, New York, NY 10024, USA,(More)
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