Steven A. P. Quintero

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This work focuses on optimal routing for two camera-equipped UAVs cooperatively tracking a single target moving on the ground. The UAVs are small fixed-wing aircraft cruising at a constant speed and fixed altitude; consequently, the vehicles are modeled as planar Dubins vehicles. A perspective transformation, relating the image-plane measurements to the(More)
This work focuses on enabling multiple UAVs to flock together in order to distribute and collectively perform a given sensing task. Flocking is performed in a leader-follower fashion, and the leader is assumed to already have an effective control policy for the particular task. The UAVs are small fixedwing aircraft cruising at a constant speed and fixed(More)
We study the problem of optimally coordinating multiple fixed-wing UAVs to perform vision-based target tracking, which entails that the UAVs are tasked with gathering the best joint vision-based measurements of an unpredictable ground target. We utilize an analytic expression for the error covariance associated with the fused measurements of the target’s(More)
We consider the control of two UAVs tracking an evasive moving ground vehicle. The UAVs are small fixed-wing aircraft equipped with gimbaled cameras and must coordinate their control actions so that at least one UAV is always close to the target. The control actions of the UAVs are computed based on noisy measurements of the UAVs’ current state and(More)
This paper considers the problem of a small, fixed-wing UAV equipped with a gimbaled camera autonomously tracking an unpredictable moving ground vehicle. Thus, the UAV must maintain close proximity to the ground target and simultaneously keep the target in its camera’s visibility region. To achieve this objective robustly, two novel optimizationbased(More)
Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) is a ubiquitously expressed, Ca(2+)-activated extracellular enzyme in mammals that is maintained in a catalytically dormant state by multiple mechanisms. Although its precise physiological role in the extracellular matrix remains unclear, aberrantly up-regulated TG2 activity is a hallmark of several maladies, including celiac(More)
The strategies involved in swinging up and balancing the inverted pendulum are discussed. The nonlinear swing-up controller drives the system input according to the energy of the pendulum. The balancing controller is a digital linear quadratic regulator that is based on a model of the plant that has been linearized about the pendulum’s upright equilibrium(More)
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