Steven A. Gordon

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As with human-human interaction, human-computer dialog will contain situations where there is miscom-munication. This paper describes phenomena observed in the handling of miscommunication by an experimental spoken natural language dialog system capable of variable initiative behavior, the Circuit Fix-It Shop. In general, the 141 dialogs obtained from human(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the dialogue structure of actual human-computer interactions. The 141 dialogues analyzed were produced from experiments with a variable initiative spoken natural language dialogue system organized around the paradigm of the Missing Axiom Theory for language use. Results about utterance classification into subdialogues,(More)
SUMMARY Appel and Jacobson 1 presented a fast algorithm for generating every possible move in a given position in the game of Scrabble using a DAWG, a finite automaton derived from the trie of a large lexicon. This paper presents a faster algorithm that uses a GADDAG, a finite automaton that avoids the non-deterministic prefix generation of the DAWG(More)
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