Steven A. Gabriel

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We extend the smoothing approach to the mixed complementarity problem, and study the limiting behavior of a path deened by approximate minimizers of a nonlinear least squares problem. Our main result guarantees that, under a mild regularity condition , limit points of the iterates are solutions to the mixed complementarity problem. The analysis is(More)
In this paper we present a version of the (static) traac equilibrium problem in which the cost incurred on each path is not simply the sum of the costs on the arcs that constitute that path. We motivate this nonadditive version of the problem by describing several situations in which the classic additivity assumption fails. We describe existence and(More)
This paper presents an approach to solving discretely constrained, mixed linear complementarity problems (DC-MLCPs). Such formulations include a variety of interesting and realistic models of which two are highlighted: a market-clearing auction typical in electric power markets but suitable in other more general contexts, and a network equilibrium suitable(More)