Steven A. Freeman

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Human factors play an important role in the management of safety and quality in an agricultural work environment. Although employee actions and decisions have been identified as a key component of successful occupational safety programs and quality management programs, little attention has been given to the employees' role in these types of programs. This(More)
In order to identify events/activities that are particularly stressful for farmers/ranchers, afarm stress survey based on the proportionate scaling method was mailed to a stratified random sample of 3000 Iowa farmers by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. The participants were asked to compare 62 life events and farm activities to a marriage(More)
Overview Attending higher education institutions affects graduates in a variety of dimensions. Among these dimensions are gaining knowledge, acquiring skills, and developing academic and professional independence; however, the most important dimension in which a change should be introduced is the acquirement of appropriate patterns of thinking. Does safety(More)
This study provides an insight into auger-related injuries, Iowa farmers' perceptions of auger-related injuries and the condition of augers used in Iowa agriculture. Specific auger-related injury data (437 records) from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) was examined and interpreted. The most likely body part injured was the finger and 11:00 A.M.,(More)
A central challenge for higher education today is to understand the diversity and complexity of non-traditional students' life experiences and how these factors influence their academic success. To better understand these issues, this study explored the role of demographic characteristics and employment variables in predicting the academic success of(More)
INTRODUCTION A common contention is that the construction of highway bypasses negatively impacts the economy of local communities by reducing pass-by traffic for businesses. However, as access to specific business' account records is limited, this impact is difficult to quantify. Another common contention is that bypasses contribute to a reduction in(More)
The ability of organizations to adapt to enviornmental change has been a central question of organization theory since the origins of the field, but fundamental theoretical confusion remains: Organizational scholars see widely divergent patterns, running the gamut from neo-classical economists who see efficient diffusion of adaptive practices to(More)
An important component of the safe operation of agricultural equipment is the ability to read and understand universal symbols. The Internet educational module is designed to help participants recognize these symbols. The impact of using it was evaluated using a field trial study. Assessment consisted of pre-and post-tests. Youth who had access to it(More)
The PTO driveline is the most common means of transferring power from a tractor to towed machinery and stationary equipment. While equipment manufacturers install shielding to protect operators and bystanders from coming in contact with operating PTO components (particularly around the knuckle), entanglement is still a cause of some of the most catastrophic(More)
Resources and expertise on selecting assistive technology appropriate for an agricultural work setting are scarce. To meet this need a prototype knowledge system for the selection and documentation of rural assistive technology (BNG DATA) was developed to aid professionals working with farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers with physical disabilities.(More)