Steven A. Cuccaro

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We describe in detail the parallel implementation of a family of additive lagged-Fibonacci pseudorandom number generators. The theoretical structure of these generators is exploited to preserve their well-known randomness properties and to provide a parallel system of distinct cycles. The algorithm presented here solves the reproducibility problem for a far(More)
Ensuring that pseudorandom number generators have good randomness properties is more complicated in a multiprocessor implementationthan in the uniprocessor case. We discuss simple extensions of uniprocessor testing for SIMD parallel streams, and develop in detail a repeatability test for the SPMD paradigm. Examples of the application of these tests to an(More)
We summarize some of the recent developments of our research group and of other groups in the design and analysis of pseudorandom number generators for massively parallel computers. The three parallelization techniques we will consider in detail for mapping pseudorandom streams onto distinct parallel processes are: 1. Splitting maximal-period generators'(More)
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