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Trigger Happy: Videogames and the Entertainment Revolution
From the Publisher: Videogames first came on the market 30 years ago as a marginal technological curiosity. Now they are virtually everywhere. Videogame sales have equaled movie sales. They areExpand
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Trigger happy : the inner life of videogames
A ground-breaking account of the cultural history and impact of videogames, from Pong and Space Invaders to Tomb Raider and Tekken. Videogames are here to stay. It is now more than a quarter of aExpand
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Ghosts in the Garden: locative gameplay and historical interpretation from below#
Abstract The heritage industry now makes extensive use of digital audioguides and similar interpretation tools to reach new audiences but many remain rooted in authoritative and didacticExpand
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Unspeak: Words Are Weapons
Unspeak is language as a weapon. Every day, we are bombarded with those apparently simple words or phrases that actually conceal darker meanings. 'Climate change' is less threatening than 'globalExpand
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'Bringing great shame upon this city': Sodomy, the courts and the civic idiom in eighteenth-century Bristol
During the 1730s, Bristol acquired an unenviable reputation as a city in which sodomy was endemic and rarely punished by the civil power. Although the cause lay partly in difficulties experienced inExpand
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'A lasting and salutary warning': Incendiarism, rural order and England's last scene of crime execution
Agricultural incendiarism was a perennial factor in social relations in some areas of nineteenth-century rural England and is often understood by historians as an expression of 'covert' socialExpand
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The Politics of Regicide in England, 1760-1850: Troublesome Subjects
This study appraises the often complex relationship between British monarchs and some of their more troublesome subjects in the "age of revolutions". By exposing a rationale behind the efforts of theExpand
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'For the benefit of example': Crime scene executions in England, 1720-1830
Progressive accounts of the English encounter between capital punishment and modernity have made much of the abandonment c. 1783-1800 of lengthy processions to customary sites on urban peripheriesExpand
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