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  • Margaret Chiosi, Steve Wright, Don Clarke, Peter Willis Cablelabs, Chris Donley, Lane Johnson Centurylink +49 others
  • 2013
OBJECTIVES The key objective for this white paper is to provide an update on progress since we published the first joint-operator white paper on Network Functions Virtualisation in October 2012 and initiated the Network Functions Industry Specification Group (NFV ISG) under the auspices of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). [1] This(More)
PURPOSE Stigma and discrimination are faced by many with mental health problems and this may affect the uptake of services and engagement in leisure and recreational activities. The aims of this study were to develop a schedule to measure the impact of stigma and discrimination on service use, employment and leisure activities and to estimate the value of(More)
How is the link between learner and technology made in mobile learning? What is the value of the concept of 'affordances'? And how does research articulating this concept act to position mobile devices as 'technologies for learning'? This literature review used both unstructured and structured search samples of published research on mobile learning to(More)
We have experimented with many variants of the code dual.c for two-dimensional unsaturated ow in a porous medium. The goal has been to speed up the evaluation of derivatives required for a Newton iteration. We have primarily investigated the use of ADOL{C, a C++ tool for automatic diierentiation and have come to the following conclusions: Three colors suuce(More)
Novel sensor-based continuous biomedical monitoring technologies have a major role in chronic disease management for early detection and prevention of known adverse trends. In the future, a diversity of physiological, biochemical and mechanical sensing principles will be available through sensor device 'ecosystems'. In anticipation of these sensor-based(More)
This article tells the story behind the uncovering of the US operated global telecommunications interceptions system now known as ECHELON. It begins with the use of fieldwork techniques in the early 1970's exploring the configuration of Britain's Post Office Towers – these were ostensibly the microwave links through which Britain's long distance telephone(More)
If A is a finite set of cardinality n ≥ 1, 2 A is the set of all subsets of A, and S is a nonempty subset of 2 A , we say that S has the odd-intersection property if there exists a subset N of A such that the cardinality of N ∩ S is odd for each S ∈ S. Let OIP (n) denote the set of all subsets of 2 A with the odd-intersection property. A nonempty set S of(More)