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Atypical antipsychotics induce pre-diabetic symptoms in some but not all patients, characterized most notably by elevated weight. The side effect profiles of the various drugs in the class differ, however, raising the possibility of drug-specific mechanisms for similar side effects. We used physiogenomic analysis, an approach previously employed to study(More)
The rising incidence of diabetes mellitus continues to be a major health concern among Hispanic Americans. Social support has been found to be a relevant factor in diabetes self-management, however, it has not been explored within a Hispanic community. This cross-sectional study was therefore conducted with 95 insulin-requiring Hispanic adults to explore(More)
Clear resection margins are necessary for long-term survival of patients undergoing surgical resection. We aimed to determine whether bronchial resection margin is a factor determining long-term survival in patients undergoing R0 resections for non-small-cell lung cancer. There were 2695 consecutive pulmonary resections performed between October 2001 and(More)
Primary infection with Coccidioides immitis is commonly accompanied by the production of an immunoglobulin M precipitin antibody which is detected by the tube precipitin (TP) assay or by the immunodiffusion assay for TP antibody (IDTP assay). In the present investigation, spleen cells from spherulin-immunized BALB/c mice were fused with SP2/O Ag14 myeloma(More)
OBJECTIVES Wedge resections are frequently performed for small peripheral lesions in patients unfit for a more extensive resection. We aimed to investigate whether patient sex and histology type are important factors determining survival in patients undergoing a wedge resection for stage I lung cancer. METHODS We retrospectively analysed a prospective(More)
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