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Over the last twenty years, the amount of information related to epitopes recognized in the course of T and B cell-mediated immune responses has dramatically increased. As of June 2004, a PubMed search using the word " epitope " , reveals a total of 5,173 records prior (with a large fraction of the 2004 records still to come). Epitope-based techniques are(More)
The purpose of this note is to describe and classify the uniform maps of type {4, 4}, {3, 6} and {6, 3} on the Klein bottle in a simple and uniform way. We determine all such maps and their symmetry properties. 1. Definitions If Γ is a graph (or multigraph or pseudograph), a topological form of Γ is a 1-dimensional cell complex where the 0-cells correspond(More)
Recent studies in mouse suggest that the extraembryonic endoderm has an important role in early embryonic patterning [1]. To analyze whether similar mechanisms operate in other vertebrates, we cloned the zebrafish homologue of Hex, a homeobox gene that is expressed asymmetrically in the mouse visceral endoderm [2]. Early expression of zebrafish hex is(More)
The mammalian nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide (NAD)-dependent deacetylase Sirt1 impacts different processes involved in the maintenance of brain integrity and in the pathogenic pathways associated with several neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease. Here we used human Sirt1 transgenic mice to demonstrate that neuron-specific Sirt1(More)
We have described the formation of the zebrafish central nervous system. The spinal cord has the simplest organization and was considered first, followed by the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. We have discussed many studies that have revealed the molecular mechanisms, including extrinsic signals and intrinsic responses to them, underlying the(More)
Intrusion detection systems are quickly becoming a standard requirement in building a network security infrastructure. Although many established techniques and commercial products exist, their effectiveness leaves room for improvement. We propose an intrusion detection system architecture which takes advantage of the mobile agent paradigm to implement a(More)
N-cadherin (Ncad) is a classical cadherin that is implicated in several aspects of vertebrate embryonic development, including somitogenesis, heart morphogenesis, neural tube formation and establishment of left-right asymmetry. However, genetic in vivo analyses of its role during neural development have been rather limited. We report the isolation and(More)