Steve Wiersma

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BACKGROUND As the WHO verified that China reached the target of 1% prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection among children targeted by universal hepatitis B immunization of newborns, the country considered new options for hepatitis B prevention and control. We reviewed hepatitis B surveillance in the broader context of viral hepatitis surveillance to(More)
For the first time a global meeting on hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection as vaccine preventable disease was organized at the end of 2007. More than 200 experts from 46 countries gathered to investigate the changing global HAV epidemiology reflecting the increasing numbers of persons at risk for severe clinical disease and mortality from HAV infection. The(More)
The introduction and implementation of hepatitis B vaccination programmes in areas of high endemicity has been very stressful. However, this initial accomplishment has led to the reassessment of priorities in some countries which could undermine these early successes. Work still remains to be done to support and implement interventions that will bring us(More)
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