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Traditionally, researchers have used either off-the-shelf models such as COCOMO, or developed local models using statistical techniques such as stepwise regression, to obtain software effort estimates. More recently, attention has turned to a variety of machine learning methods such as artificial neural networks (ANNs), case-based reasoning (CBR) and rule(More)
In recent years there has been a growing interest in empirically investigating object-oriented technology (OOT). Much of this empirical work has been experimental in nature. This paper reviews the published output of such experiments — eighteen in total — with the twin aims of, first, assessing what has been learnt about OOT and, second, what has been(More)
This paper describes a case study into using measurement to aid design evaluation. The study was carried-out as an assignment by final year B.Sc. students from an I.T. course. Approximately half of these were part-time students working full-time in industry and the others were full-time students who had already undertaken a one-year industrial placement.(More)
In motion invariant photography, blur is introduced by a structured movement of the camera during capture. The structured movement results in a uniform blur which simplifies deblur through post-processing for objects moving at different speeds in a single motion plane. However motion invariance depends on the camera speed exceeding the object speed (in the(More)
In this study isolated cortical regions of both penetrated and nonpenetrated Syrian hamster eggs were examined in whole mounts and platinum replicas of detergent-extracted cortical patches. Two types of cytoskeletal organization were observed in the egg cortex: Loose networks (LN regions) with integrated localized dense networks (LDN regions). Decoration(More)
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