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The developmental consequences of homelessness have only recently begun to be investigated. This study examined the effects of homelessness on the self-concept, behavioral symptoms, and emotional development of preschoolers. Self-concept was examined using the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Acceptance for Young Children and teachers rated(More)
In response to the challenge to make globalisation work for all, a new type of organisation is emerging, called Global Action Networks (GANs). These networks cross important divides such as developed–developing countries, business–government– civil society, cultures and knowledge disciplines. Their core work includes the creation of large-scale profound(More)
Sustainable development is a global imperative. Strategic partnerships involving business, government, and civil society may present a successful new model for the development of communities around the world. Business Partners for Development (BPD) is an informal network of partners who seek to demonstrate that partnerships among these three sectors can(More)
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