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The advanced message queuing protocol (AMQP) working group's goal is to create an open standard for an interoperable enterprise-scale asynchronous messaging protocol. AMQP is finally addressing the(More)
Since its first publication in 1991, the CORBA Spec ification has provided abstractions for distributed programming that have served as the bas is for a variety of distributed systems. Despite its(More)
There's a difference between what we'd like our enterprise computing systems to be and what they really are. We like to envision them as orderly multitier arrangements comprising software buses,(More)
This paper discusses the representational state transfer (REST) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) debate. The author tries to explain REST from the viewpoint of someone steeped in SOA, with the(More)
Compared to approaches such as Web services and the Web Services Description Language (WSDL), which promote specialization for each service interface, the uniform-interface constraint reduces(More)
We describe Web Service (WS) specifications that define facilities and approaches required to support notification-based and event-driven systems. WS-Notification is actually a family of documents.(More)