Steve Versteeg

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—Assuring quality of contemporary software systems is a very challenging task due to the often large complexity of the deployment environments in which they will operate. Service virtualization is an approach to this challenge where services within the deployment environment are emulated by synthesising service response messages from models or by recording(More)
Service virtualisation is a supporting tool for DevOps to generate interactive service models of dependency systems on which a system-under-test relies. These service models allow applications under development to be continuously tested against production-like conditions. Generating these virtual service models requires expert knowledge of the service(More)
Constructing testbeds for systems which are interconnected with large networks of other software services is a challenging task. It is particularly difficult to create testbeds facilitating evaluation of the non-functional qualities of a system, such as scalability, that can be expected in production deployments. <i>Software service emulation</i> is an(More)
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