Steve Vallerand

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Infrared thermography in nondestructive testing provides images (thermograms) in which zones of interest (defects) appear sometimes as subtle signatures. In this context, raw images are not often appropriate since most will be missed. In some other cases, what is needed is a quantitative analysis such as for defect detection and characterization. In this(More)
This paper presents a summary of recent research activities carried out at our laboratory in the field of Infrared Thermography for Nondestructive Evaluation (TNDE). First, we explore the latest developments in signal improvement. We describe three approaches: multiple pulse stimulation [1]; the use of Synthetic Data for de-noising of the signal [2]; and a(More)
In vision-based augmented reality systems, the relationship between the real and virtual worlds needs to be estimated to perform the registration of the virtual objects. This paper suggests a registration method which increases the registration depth of video see-through augmented reality systems using binocular cameras. The method uses both monocular and(More)
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