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We present results of a 3.3-V CMOS digital preequalization drive chip for vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser-based gigabit multimode fiber links. The pre-equalization can partially compensate for the effects of the limited fiber bandwidth and differential mode delay. This type of equalization may form a low cost method to increase the bandwidth-distance(More)
This paper reviews the technology of high-performance electrical signaling presenting the current state of the art and projecting future directions. We have demonstrated equalized electrical signaling between CMOS integrated circuits at data rates of 4Gb/s. As the factors that determine this signaling rate all scale with improving technology , we expect the(More)
We have previously described a design for a 4Gb/s signaling system that uses transmitter equalization to overcome the frequency-dependent attenuation due to skin effect in transmission lines. We present here experimental results from an implementation of this idea in 0.5μ CMOS, showing the effectiveness of a simple transition-filter equalization technique.(More)
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