Steve T. Connor

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We demonstrate semitransparent small molecular weight organic photovoltaic cells using a laminated silver nanowire mesh as a transparent, conductive cathode layer. The lamination process does not damage the underlying solar cell and results in a transparent electrode with low sheet resistance and high optical transmittance without impacting photocurrent(More)
Acquiring specific data about the reservoir pressure and temperature, near the wellbore and far out in the formation, and correlating such information to fracture connectivity and geometry are key for the optimum energy extraction from geothermal resources. Existing fracture characterization tools and analysis approaches are inadequate, in that pressure and(More)
Temperature measurements are important for the optimum development and energy extraction of enhanced and conventional geothermal resources. Currently, temperature is only measured in the wellbore, as no technology exists to provide information far into the formation. The development of temperature-sensitive nanotracers could allow for such measurements(More)
This paper describes the fabrication and investigation of morphologically stable model electrode structures with well-defined and sharp platinum/yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ interfaces to study geometric effects at triple phase boundaries TPBs . A nanosphere patterning technique using monodispersed silica nanoparticles, which are applied to the YSZ(More)
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